Lineage 2 Interlude Server

L2 Reborn is a project of Lineage II Interlude 1x. No P2W, no BOXES, no free exp/items events, no BOTS, no cheaters, just people playing Lineage the old and hard way.

We have just opened Officially on the 31st of October of 2019, so anyone can start playing already. There might be some bugs, mostly terrain/geodata related but the aim is to have a vanilla and plain Lineage 2 Interlude server, that is having normal rates and fix any bugs that might arise. We do not intend to develop any new features whatsoever. We believe the game is great as it is, and our motto is: if something is not broken, don’t fix it!

We’re Lineage 2 players who got tired of updates that devalued the original game and decided to launch a private server for the community of friends and fans of the game, We are hobby players devoted to build a proper, stable, fair and bug-free server.
We believe that we have skills and the tools required to maintain the server, fix problems, and keep an eye on the community, although our time resource are limited.

We are doing it as a hobby and we have full time jobs to make a living.
The server hosting and the website have some monthly cost which we aim to cover by player donations. Check out the available packages.
You can also help us to spread the word with your friends and voting us in the tops (get daily Free VIP voting here).

The aim of this project is to last for as long as possible. We will not shut down the server and reopen it with a different name in two weeks like others do nowadays. We have no intention of shutting this server down as long as there’s enough savings to cover expenses a minimum of players interested in playing here. We will happily keep server running as long as there’s at least 50 unique players per WEEK (we currently have hundreds of daily players, and growing every day, so even if population dropped by 10 we would still be way above 50 players per week!).

For the sake of transparency, and to mitigate people concerns, find below an indicator of current server lifetime based on donations and expenses:

3 years +

This graph will be updated on a monthly basis.

Welcome to L2Reborn!

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