Buff disappears aft...

Buff disappears after rr when covered by a herb  


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14/05/2021 9:58 am  

So I managed to recreate this a few times, it has happened to me with acumen (not the potion, the buff) and empower. 
When farming, if I pick up emp/acu herb they cover the existing acu lvl1/emp lvl1 buffs that I have, that's all good, and after they wear out the buffs reappear. But if I restart and relog after the herbs' timer has run out, I won't have neither the herb nor the buff.

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03/06/2021 8:54 pm  

Hi, this is a different issue but probably of the same nature and should be also investigated: If you have a herb effect (e.g., Herb of Attack Speed) and take a potion with the same effect (or higher, e.g., Potion of Alacrity), the potion basically goes to waste as it is not applied due to the active herb. However, since the potion effect is 20 min and the herb only 2 minutes, it should have the potion effect after the herb wears off.