Hex Land Chance

Hex Land Chance  


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04/06/2021 11:51 am  

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About Hex Land Rate

So I will just go with the examples. Everything was retail like and how it should be with hex prior to fix (80% base land rate, retail like). After debuff land rate fix I'm landing 40% of my hexes at most. Example I'm lvl 76 spectral dancer, top A +4 duals, bssa, zerk, hex chance +3 enchant, +4INT dyes, landing 30% of hexes (if not less) on lvl 74 Hames Orc Shamans in Blazing Swamp with no resist, or same in Dark Omens cata, Tomb guards 75 with even weak m def or Lesser Ancient Shamans 76.  With all due respect, it does not feel like a retail like fix at all.