Turn Undead / Tranc...

Turn Undead / Trance  


Elpy Feedback
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17/04/2021 6:23 am  

Desde hace como 2 o 3 dias he notado como estas skills que antes fallaban en vez de cuando, ahora fallan casi siempre, si ya era tedioso levear en pagan ahora es casi que imposible, no se si estas skills fueron tocadas pero de cada 6 turn undead con suerte entra 1, y cada 3 trances entra una locura...


For like 2 or 3 days I have noticed how these skills that previously failed instead of when, now they fail almost always, if it was already tedious to level in pagan now it is almost impossible, I do not know if these skills were touched but every 7 turns undead hopefully 1 goes in, and every 3 trances 1 goes in ... it's crazy ...

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04/06/2021 10:51 am  

From what I read, pagan temple had a much lower chance of turn undead success, rift and catas was higher land rate, maybe server was updated?