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So when I first started trying to play on this server, I had a difficult time getting the install correct and the steps on the website. So I am making this post to assist anyone having problems for the install of any questions you may have.

Install instructions step by step that worked for me:

1. Download the game and updater via one of the mirrors with the links available ( It was easier for me to download the game and updater separately and not the combo link).

2. Extract the game download to a folder (Call it what ever you want... I called mine L2 Reborn so its ez to find).

3. Delete the entire system folder after the game has been extracted (Yes, the entire system folder in the Lineage 2 folder).

4. Extract the updater download to your lineage 2 folder (do not make a new folder for it, just extract it). 

5. Run the L2Reborn updater (It will update your game automatically, if it doesn't... then click force update). 

6. Log in to the game using your FORUM log in and password (It will not be an email, just the user name and password). 


Common Questions and Links:

No Dual Box (Not even when you cry and complain about it)


VIP: Vote for 12 hour vip to get 1.5x rate. (It will take a few min to end up in the character's WH that you selected... You may have to restart to character select screen and log back in to have it appear). 

Class change quests: Yes, you do have to do them. 

Chronicle: Interlude

Bots: Random bot checks happen and GMs are very active. Its not worth it. 


Helpful website for skills, quests and other info:

Discord Link:

If you have any other questions be sure to search the forums or join the discord for help. 

Please feel free to ask the GMs or any of the streamers on Twitch. We are very helpful.


Let me know if you guys notice anything im missing or should fix.




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Awesome mate!

Thank you very much, we should have done this ages ago, I thought about it actually, it's embarrassing that a user had to do it eventually 😅.

Sticked post. Tomorrow will add a few more things and translate it also.

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I'm glad to help. 🙂

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A few FAQ:

- What happens? Why did I got jailed? 

Unfortunately, Our endless fight against cheaters (people using bot software, dualboxing, etc.) has some drawbacks for the legit players.

Basically, the general rule is: If you go AFK (Away From Keyboard), you SHOULD NOT be exping/farming.

We have a captcha system that shows up randomly while you are killing mobs and if you do not respond properly on time, you will end up in jail or even banned, if system detects that you are using bot software.

If you went AFK and when you came back you found your character in jail you have two options:

- Wait for 1 hour until you get released (you need to leave your character logged in)

- Complete a simple "quest" speaking with an NPC that you will find in prison, that way you can get out of prison as well.

Please, note that at the moment if you are in party and you need to go AFK you need to leave party or risk getting jailed.

- How can I get free newbie soulshots?

Check this out

- How can I make "Easy" adena?

There is not easy adena here, this is an x1 server, but you can follow this guide, hopefully will help you to get started:

- Can I donate to have dualbox, please?

lol, no!

- Can you put a npc buffer, please?

No, but you have some buffs from the Newbie Helper.

- What benefits does VIP provide?

Rates X1.5 for DROP, ADENA, EXP and SP.




- You don't allow dualboxing, but then how can I send items to my other account?

We have enabled freight service cross-account.

- How many accounts can I have?

Two, one for your main character/s and one for the offline shop

- Offline shop?

Yes, just start a private shop/manufacture and close game, your character will remain logged in, only on peace zones.

- I see some players doing global shouts, how can I do that?

First of all, you need to vote for us here:

Then, 5 minutes later you can global shout (twice each 12 hours) using prefix "!!". ie. !!Have a life full of joy!

Note: VIP donators DO need to vote as well in order to get the global shouts.

- Why there aren't any two handed sword shadow weapons, is this a bug?

No, that's normal, because the item does not exist on interlude.

- Can you put skill sweeper festival, please?

No sorry, that's not retail Interlude

- Can you do X custom thing/feature, please?

(99%) No sorry, that's not retail Interlude

- I can't find the black smith of mammon, I think it's bugged, can you help me?

Mammon is working fine, and it's always moving form one spot to the other during the reward week of the seven signs. We cannot help you to find him.

- How can I find drop/spoil stats of a mob?

Check here:

Don't trust blindly sites like because mostly they are showing future chronicles data, and it doesn't always match with Interlude.

- I found a bug, what shall I do?

Report here

- I found a CRITICAL bug, or I can't connect to server, what shall I do?

Get in touch asap with GMPower by Discord

- Can you tell me how long drop is lying around on the ground?

Herbs - 25 seconds

Standard items - 25 minutes

Equipable Items - 2 hours

Adena  - 2 hours

- Newbie helper did not give me the reward, why?

Make sure you first recover the "blue gem" from the goblins, speak with Newbie Helper from starting point, and speak with master nearby him. He will send you to town to visit Newbie helper. If you followed these steps it should work fine and you should get your free shoulshots.

- Get a Pet quest is bugged, I can't get my pet.

No, Get a Pet have been tested 100 times and it is correct, you are just following the wrong guide, as questions change from one chronicle to another.

Find below he right answers/questions:

How far (in kilometers) can a wolf's smell reach?<br>

- 2.4 km

Which of the following is the <font color="LEVEL">correct</font> description of a wolf?<br>

- A grown wolf is still not as heavy as a fully-grown male adult human.

The following connections are made between the wolves and their habitats. Which is <font color="LEVEL">not</font> correct?<br>

- None of the above.

What kind of wolf leads the rest when hunting in a pack?<br>

- Male

Which of the following do <font color="LEVEL">not</font> describe the life of a wolf?<br>

- A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies.

The wolf is a meat-eating mammal of the canine family. Which animal among the following is <font color="LEVEL">not</font> a meat-eating mammal of the canine family?<br>

- Black Wolf.

How is a wolf's tail normally positioned?<br>

- It's tail is always pointing straight down.

What is the normal lifespan of a wolf in captivity?<br>

- 12-15 years

Pets are very useful to their owners. Which of the following is <font color="LEVEL">not</font> an appropriate use of a pet?<br>

- Can be sent to the village to buy items.

What is the best way to train your pet?<br>

- Tell your pet to hit monsters multiple times.

When the pet is killed it may be resurrected within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum delay allowed before resurrection becomes impossible?<br>

- 20 minutes

What are the oldest and most primitive type of wolves found in Aden?<br>

- Dire Wolf

Which is <font color="LEVEL">not</font> a proper description of the breeding of wolves?<br>
- Pregnancy is nine months.

Which of the following is <font color="LEVEL">not</font> a part of the wolf's diet?<br>
- None of the above.