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[Sticky] Quick Solution for Antivirus Issues  


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25/02/2020 3:34 am  

Hello there! My name is Luis and I joined L2 Reborn few days ago. You can find me in-game as Faristel.

I realized that many people are having antivirus problems during the installation of L2 Reborn. I had as well.

I read on forums that admin is currently working on a solution for it but for those struggling with the problem I'll post a little tutorial of how to overcome it meanwhile the fix isn't ready.

As a new player, I felt discouraged to play here because all of this antivirus situation and reading forums I felt even more discouraged since I found no solution.

That's why I'm here to help you with six quick steps. This tutorial is based on my experience and I use Avast Antivirus but other antivirus should be similar.

So here it goes:

1st step: download a clean interlude client.

2nd step: download L2 Reborn launcher.

3rd step: open the clean interlude client folder, delete system and extract L2 Reborn launcher inside of the folder.

4th step: temporarily deactivate your antivirus (see below how to) and run L2 Reborn launcher as administrator. Wait until update is complete.

- If you're using Avast: right click the icon -> avast modules control -> permanently deactivate. You'll turn it on later.

5th step: once the update is finished, go to your antivirus and add an exception for L2Reborn.bin (see below how to). You can find this file inside system folder in your interlude client.

- If you're using Avast: right click the icon -> open interface -> menu -> config -> general -> exceptions -> add exception -> search and navigate through your interlude folder, find the system folder and open it, select L2Reborn.bin, tag it and confirm.

6th step: once you add the exception, reactivate your antivirus (see below how to) and start the game.

- If you're using Avast: right click the icon -> avast modules control -> activate all modules.

Some people activate antivirus before adding the exception for L2Reborn.bin and then the antivirus will delete L2Reborn.bin when you start the game since it understands it as a threat. Because of this you won't be able to run the game and will be trapped inside a loop of source critical errors, unfinished updates and stuff like that.

Remember to always run the game as administrator through L2 Reborn launcher. I hope I was able to help you!

L2 Reborn is amazing! See you in-game.

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26/02/2020 12:40 am  

Moved to Guide section and pinned. 

Thank you @luison50!