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Party Switch, Visuals, Skillbar Reset  


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11/01/2021 6:23 pm  


Good job with this new classic interface, since its QoL, I would like to report some major/minor things that Ive collected past few weeks.

New downloaded classic client 11/12


Major: Switching party members position in party

Default feature with ALT+mouse drag you can switch position of party member. With standard client it works, with new one it does not. (This is for me really QoL)


Minor: Custom nobless and some end game buff visual in party

It was nice to see it in old client, again its not implemented in new one.



Minor: Entering instances always reset skillbar shortcuts

Entering epic instances and after animations it resets enter chat and shortcut settings. So you need to open shortcut menu and click ok to confirm your previous settings.

It didnt happen every time, but when it happen after every animation in perhaps Tezza, its a kinda dangerous/annyoing.



Minor: Client sometimes reset/initialize windows positions

Very random behaviour. Iam closing client properly and like out of sudden I have to reposition windows again, set up dmg window in chat, move HP bars/party bars. Iam not having critical errors in this cause, I would say after critical error it would make sense and I would not care. Its very random, one time I have to move one thing, then three things, then chat, then 50x it stay on its position, then again.  


I dont want to switch to old one