3 People Train In E...

3 People Train In Elven Village Last Night On Auto Follow  


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14/05/2021 10:51 am  

Hello everyone,

I have recently joined the server (2 days ago) and I have been having a blast. I love the hardcore aspect, the no pay to win and especially no dualboxing. Moreover, I do really enjoy the population and the economy of the server and the quests are quite nice and entertaining as well. I am really hoping that I will find a lot more quests to do as I am progressing further. Anyway, last night I was doing the spores quest in Elven Village and I have noticed a 3 people train running around doing the quest, and when I approached them they all stopped and start moving one after the other e.g., one moved to the shop and stopped, then the other character was moved to a random direction followed by the third which went to the shop as well. 

At this point I left them and went on continuing doing the quest but then after an hour, I saw him again, running and killing mobs while the other two were just following him around. Is it possible that he was using VPN and two-three PC's to do it? I am super excited to play and that discouraged me somehow. I am really hoping that he was playing with friends and they were having a break. Thanks in advance! GLHF

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18/05/2021 12:40 am  

if you suspect someone is breaking the no-dualbox rules you can report them targeting them and typing .dualboxreport.

They will get banned if proven guilty

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