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25/07/2019 3:38 pm  

Hi everyone, we are glad to announce that we have officially started the OPEN BETA of our  Lineage 2  Interlude server!

Welcome to L2Reborn!

What is L2Reborn?

L2Reborn is a Lineage 2 Interlude server that was born as a result of the massive disappointment of many players with official Lineage 2 Classic. We got tired of bots spreading massively and with impunity, we are fed up of P2W events that break the balance of the game, we had enough of a server that doesn't listen to the community and does not care about its players. Our aim is to be what Classic was supposed to be: The REAL and AUTHENTIC L2 experience, which means: NO P2W events, low rates (x1), and a very hard game, no bullshit like EXP/SP scrolls or stuff like that, just the real thing, how it used to be, people levelling without other help than themselves. 

We also hate the fact that boxes were allowed, which completely broke the teamwork and the relations of the players, with everyone playing solo and individually without doings parties together or collaborate in any way. We think that wasn't intended to be the spirit of the game as Lineage is about achieving common goals playing together and gathering with clans and alliances and that's what we encourage people to do.

There aren't any plans to update to other chronicles nor to organise events and stuff to make things easier, as we think that's  against Lineage 2 principles.

Liked it? Awesome! now bear in mind we are still in BETA

We started the server just a few weeks ago, and we have been testing it thoroughly and fixing several bugs. Take into account that since it's not an official server there will always be bugs, although it seems pretty stable so far. There may be many problems that we haven't identified or fixed yet, but we will do our best to resolve any issue that might arise.

Please, bear with us and cooperate with us to identify bugs. We have limited resources, but will work hard to fix as much problems as we can. We are aware of a few Geodata issues, classic issue in unofficial L2 servers, but we are already fixing the terrain, as well as fixing quests, npc positions and many more things, in order to provide you with the greatest in-game experience!  

The fact that we are in BETA does NOT mean that we will reset it at some point and start from scratch once we launch officially.

Being in BETA means that you can expect to find bugs and that the game may or may not work properly. We are also evaluating server stability and testing the load in order to choose the right hardware to support the maximum number of players. We will not go crazy advertising our server until we think we are ready, but people will start coming already. You can play normally and enjoy the game while the community starts growing. If everything goes well we will launch officially in a few months.

We reserve the rights to arbitrary give some perks to the best beta testers as gratitude for the support.

With your help we can make it happen!

That's Cool! How do I play?

Easy peasy:

- Register on this forum clicking here, we will notify you by email when your account has been activated, typically within the next 5 minutes.

- Download and install L2 Interlude Official client from here

- Install the System patch that you can download here.

And that's it you should be able to start the game by executing l2.exe and login with your forum credentials (username and password).