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28/07/2019 4:25 pm  

In this post we will explain the basic rules that define this project and our server.

- The respect to other players, as to the gm/admins is vital and is taken for granted. This is to have fun and enjoy, whether with farming or pvp, everyone has to find their place without disrespecting anyone. There will be penalties for users who don't respect this, serious or repeated faults may lead to temporary or permanent banning of an account.

- This server is formed by a good group of friends who love this game, our purpose is to have this server the maximum time over the years we can and will build a healthy and fun community. We understand that we also have private life and will offer the most free time we have for arrangements and questions, for that the communication channels are the forum and never the server.

- The client chosen for the server is Interlude, we believe that is the balance between content respecting the true spirit of Lineage II, from L2Reborn we commit ourselves to never update to subsequent customers in which we believe that what is really this game begins to dilute, also take as a premise not to introduce events of any kind, or give substantial advantages to VIPs (no enchants, no items, no donator shop) or giving anything that someone with more free time or organization can get the same.

- The rate chosen for the server is x1 (drop, adena, exp, sp, everything), we know how hard the experience can be, but we want to make a trip as it was in the past, long term and without any hurry, in which sociability marked an important milestone and how rewarding it could be to get the team and that level that resisted).

- Much server content has been tested, but as you know the content of the DB is immense as well as its possibilities, we ask you to report the bugs you find and we promise to fix everything in our hand and a little more (we will investigate if necessary) to get a server as perfect as possible.

- Multibox is terminally forbidden in l2reborn, we believe that opening two or more clients can be productive for the same individual because you do not depend on anyone to farm/exp, but that same premise attempts against a large number of players buffers/supports/dwarfs who are discriminated against and left to their fate. We must again encourage the maximum to make parts and team, the best clans, parts and friends are forged that way!, so we limit the use of 1 account per IP.

Those who have more than one player in the same house we invite you to contact Wolfypre to get a license with more than one IP, we warn however, these licenses will have extra points to be checked randomly in the DB, we do not want anyone to abuse this system for multibox.

- Needless to say that third party programs, especially hacking and bot programs that alter the normal use and enjoyment of the game will lead to permanent banning.

- In such a way it is forbidden to create characters with the letters GM included in the name, these characters will be deleted because there can be no doubt who is GM and who is not.

- Donations are necessary for the long-term functioning of the server but, let's remember that this is a gamer community of and for players and donating is a collaboration, not a purchase, by which you are not entitled to more privileges or any other position than knowing that you are collaborating to give life to the server.

- As a last comment, the l2reborn team detests the content and philosophy used in classic servers, with which, far from returning to what was Lineage II, unstable and infamous rates were used that were far from the real experience of the game.

Greetings, and we will keep you informed, enjoy!

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