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13/01/2021 2:35 pm  

Hi everyone,

First of all would like to apologise for the issues with FOG changes, the intention was just adding a delay in the transformation (as it does in retail) but while we did it we also changed the spawn location (as that's retail as well) but we didn't realise it would cause problems with the pole trains. In any case that is the retail behaviour, and needs to be fixed like everything else and it will be re-introduced as soon as we have fixed the pole problems when positioning the character on corners. 

Now we go with the changes released during the last week:

- Fix teleport loop when jumping into valakas (Feedback on this please)

- Fix html typos in trader weapon/armor shop (inverted links)

- Fix quest _420_LittleWings  (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix Monster passive resists when having a typed attack (ty Ptitlaby)

- Fix Bison Totem (ty Ptitlaby)

- Fix Waking Scrolls - should be instant (ty Ptitlaby)

- Fix mid C shadow weapon price (ty Ptitlaby)

- Fix Sacred Attack Weak point - Sacred Attack Weak point does not give dark resistance in interlude. (ty Ptitlaby) 

- Fix remove agro from mobs when using teleports: Mobs shouldn't go across door when you get out of catacombs anymore. Please feedback on this

- Sieges Fixes: Fixed Traps. Deploying Traps and Doors reinforcements are reset when siege ends

- Fix ranged (bows) attack "stopping char" while chasing target. Please feedback on this.

- Fix Hestui AI

- Implement AI Liangma

- Implement AI Hestui Guard

- Adjust skills land rate formula when target is high lvl diff

- Require party return spellbook to learn skill

- Fix AI DaimonTheWhiteEyed

- Fix AI of BrekaOrcOverlord

- Implement bot and dualbox ingame reports (using .botreport and .dualboxreport)

- Fix Lethal chances in pvp: Now lethals should have a chance to land in pvp (it was nerfed in pack)

- Fix duration of bluff stun

- Translate messages of Keltirs

- Translate messages of EvilNpc

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Rokar

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Remy

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Leandro

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Kreed

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Kasiel

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Jaradine

- Fix AI paths of walker npc Alhena

- Bluff should not be usable if target is not flagged

- Fix offensive Skills with multiple chance effects not trying all when one fails

- Implement AI of WatchmanMonster (Orc Barracks and Abandoned camp mobs seeking for help)

- Fix Duel not being cancelled when getting hit by mob

- Fix party matching change leader causing ghost rooms

- Fix can invite duel multiple players

- Fix Black Sawn fixed list of monsters that drop quest items

- Fix Gordon AI walk paths