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18/02/2021 10:40 am  

Hello everyone!

Lot's of thing got done over the last weeks:

- Master of Combat always add CP whatever the weapon (ty ptitlaby)

- Retail HTML files for Baium (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix clanhall registration / bid not allowed if the clan bidding already owns a CH

- Light vortex should not overhit

- 4 Sepulchers rework (please feedback on this!):

     - Archon of halisha should give the quest item to all party members that are on that quest step (need feedback about this please). (ty ptitlaby)

     - Victim mechanic is working well now, if it dies a mob will appear and drop the box that gives the key, if it survives it will buff you resistances against 4s debuffs.

     - The corners now works correctly, by killing the corners the debuffs disappear. (ty ptitlaby)

     - The bug that was stucking the dungeon while using spoil/sweep or corpse burst has been fixed.

     - Cleanse works in statues now. Also the chance for the statues to become invulnerable has been decreased.

- Effects of same stack type should replace and delete current lower level effects. Effects of same stack type should be ignored if higher level are currently in effect (Except Herbs)

- Fix cooldown of Heroic Dread

- ch shop qty validation for concurrent purchases

- Implement Heart event with revised rewards

- Fix Blessing of Protection not working when chaotic character was using summon

- Fix purchasing non-stackable items removing shop

- Implement clan cancel disolve request

- Song of Renewal / Champion reduce mp cost for songs/dances (ty ptitlaby)

- Correct rates of quest (ty ptitlaby)

- Quest 638 (Pagan) Retail HTML, reward chance and QI droprate (ty ptitlaby)

- Adjust number of targets that can be hit by Pole (retail like) (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix internal Rune Castle door, it should be attackable

- Fix Quest chances (ty ptitlaby)

- Correct position of Rune Castle Doorman Gks

- Fix Shield Bash remove target base rate 

- Implement clan leader transfer on Tuesdays

- Improve AI BloodySniper so it attacks physicall when run out of MP

- Improve Liangma AI so it attacks physicall when run out of MP

- Fix dances/songs mp consumtion formula (retail like) (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix Pagan Mobs level 80 on Interlude (ty ptitlaby).

- Correct AA price for Sword of Damascus*Tallum Blade at Mammon (ty ptitlaby)

- Minor Fix MP Consumption COV (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix Mirage skill not stopping targets attacking when CTRL pressed

- Fix reuse delay for npcs/mobs using bow attacks

- Fix Rune Gand Master npc type (remove wedding non retail stuff)

- Fix Dance MP consumtion where less than 30 seconds left

- Fix mutisell crystal cost for A weapons and fix crystal type for Sobekks Hurricane


Have a good day!