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26/05/2021 10:26 am  

Hello everyone!

Here we go:

- Fix system message when hitting/getting hit by summoner

- Fix stats of Epic Rbs: Orfen, Queen Ant, Core

- Implement herbdata l2off. Complete rework to implement herbs dropped by mobs retail like (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix Reputation points given/taken in Siegable CH events

- Improvements in dualbox check on login, hopefully this stop preventing people from log in

- Fix SA Critical Stun consuming too many SS

- Fix _233_TestOfWarspirit step stuck

- Cancel unjail task when completing escape from prison quest, so people that complete the quest don't get randomly teleported one hour later

- Fix Cats Eye Bandit RB Minion, should not give SP

- Fix some etc items showing an active skill when you have them in the inventory

- FIX Sanctity Crystal (Item from Monastery to remove debuff)

- Major rework of movement to mitigate the desync while chasing targets in pvp. Please feedback on this

- Implement movetopawn when chasing attackables to fix bubbles red/blue indicator on target.

- Fix to avoid desync when spam clicking attack chasing targets

- Add missing htm for npc

- Sacrifice-type skills are affected by spiritshot  (ty ptitlaby)

- Fixed reuse for Spirit of Sagittarius bug reported here :  (ty ptitlaby)

- Making 24th buff book not tradeable - As it is on retail

- Fix afk command while moving/riding

- Removed custom that allowed to port multiple times in the hall of flames using only one portal stones (not retail) (ty ptitlaby)

- Fix Epic bosses sleep time after restart. The time passed should be remembered after restart

- Fix Epic bosses not targeting playables/summons

- Fix Soul crystal affecting other item skill objects

- Newbie Scrolls should not be freightable, only event ones

- Seven Signs Fixes. Effects of Seal should only apply during competition period and only if winner of seal is winner of cabal

- Fix Max Tax Rate displayed on Html

- Fix Demonic Blade Skill should do initial damage as well as debuff

- Fix OL lag/delay getting effects when RB in range

- Fix wrong manor reward for Thorn Cobol Reported on forum :  (ty ptitlaby)