Permanent ban after...

Permanent ban after first rules violation  


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03/01/2021 2:38 am  


Firstly I wanna thank you for your work on l2reborn project. You are doing an excellent job.

My friend got a permanent ban for use of auto clicker, but she didn't ever use it in la2. The rules say use of auto clicker is prohibited, but frankly, it's impossible to play mage with auto clicker (it was installed on her computer several years ago). Maybe it is a good thought not to apply a permanent ban on a first rules violation? At least not for an installed auto clicker. You as admins always have enough time to apply ban permanently.

The situation is as follows:

I like to play this chronicles, I like this server, but now I have some nagging doubts about the possibility of being banned after investing some amount of time (let's say a year of playing). If a decent player will have the ability to make a mistake once - it will be beneficial for everyone. You as the owners of l2reborn will gain better online, we as players will be sure about characters future.


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10/01/2021 9:25 am  


Since your friend was always playing with auto-clicker running (as you wrote it was always ON), so I assume your friend did not reach very high level (perhaps lvl 20?).

Here, it won't take too much time to start over and catch up with you.

Especially, you could help your friend with gear.

Just make sure, the clicker is not running this time. 🙂