Love and cenzorship...

[Solved] Love and cenzorship is in the air 😀  


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04/08/2020 11:40 am  

Yeah, chat ban for 60 days of playtime (86 400 minutes) for fairly and peacefully expressing my objections against GM's approach to the community. "Love and censorship is in the air"...

😭 😭 😭 I hope you choke on the all money I sent to support this server...

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04/08/2020 3:52 pm  
You can express your opinion, but not insinuate that we ban people without proofs. We never showed proofs as there's no point on arguing with someone banned, everybody knows we always act the same way, and it's our decision.
We work very hard to keep the server clean and have spent enough time investigating this matter to be questioned by random people. 
We understand you got upset because your clan mates got banned, but maybe you should consider asking your "friends" why they got banned or thinking about it before insinuating gms are banning people without proof.
We have been running this server for long time and we pride ourselves of  having by far the best server around in terms of protection against bots, dualboxing and RMT, and we'll continue doing our work.
If you have any doubts about our honesty/diligent work nobody forces you to play here, but as you can imagine we cannot tolerate that kind of comments questioning our job just because some of your friends were affected.
The rules are very clear and apply for everyone, we have said it many times we don't enjoy banning people but we have no choice when people deliberately break them.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards

PS. Ban was supposed to be 24h and have been corrected, it was a mistake as before migration time was specified in seconds.