[Solved] Artisan Quest  


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20/07/2020 2:09 pm  

I've finished the artisan quest, I have obtained the last item but when i talk with the last NPC he told me he has no task for me. 

I try to retake the quest, but when i talk with that NPC he answer me im already in quest. 

No quest appear in the quest window. It is as if it has been canceled when you speak to the last NPC ante.

char: UnderMyThumb

It's a new char, and i cant register to catacombs since no have 1st class change done. Hope can registered for today before it ends. I tried to open a ticket but i cant. 

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22/07/2020 10:31 am  

Please provide the name of the npc

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22/07/2020 4:08 pm  

visit a class master  to change your class to artisan