Change of Hearts



Happy Easter folks!

Who wanna play Rock-Paper-Scissors?

Collect the 9 heart pieces and find Orion the cat on the nearest village!

This is a proper gambling event, the more you risk, the more you can win, prize gets better as you accumulate consecutive wins.

The event is already enabled and will be held up until 14-04 00:00:00 UTC.

Once event is over, we will keep NPC for a few extra days to allow people to exchange the leftovers.

Prizes below:

0 Wins: Consolation prize

1 Wins:
– 5 Healing Potion
– 5 Scroll of Escape

2 Wins:
– 3 Greater Healing Potion
3 Wins:
– Stone of Purity
4 Wins:
– Scroll Enchant Armor D
5 Wins:
– Random Cosmetic
6 Wins:
– Scroll Enchant Armor D
– Scroll Enchant Armor C
7 Wins:
– Scroll Enchant Weapon D
8 Wins:
– 6 Stone of Purity
– Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
9 Wins:
– Scroll Enchant Weapon C
10 Wins:
– Scroll Enchant Weapon C
– Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
– Blessed Scroll of Escape