Halloween Event


Meow! Greetings! I’m Roy the Cat!

My master, the great collector Bashtal from the Bronze Key guild, has asked me and my friends to collect medals that were scattered throughout the world. The search has brought me to this village!

I’m organizing an event I’m calling the *Medal Collecting Event*! Anyone who brings medals will receive fabulous prizes! Meow!

*Event medals:* Get it by killing monsters at 1% chance

*Glittering medals:* Get it by killing raid bosses at 10% chance


Event will be run from 30th of October until 8th of November


*1 – Medals*

You can trade the medals by a *TEMPORARY* Halloween Mask. All of them will disappear when the even ends.

You can also trade them by an *Event Gift Box* which can contain: enchants, crystals, buff scrolls, BSOEs, cp potions… and extremely lucky players may get a just born baby pet.

*2 – Glitering Medals*

You can trade the Glitering medals to obtain a *PERMANENT PREMIUM* cosmetic.


We want you to get the most out of it so find below a few tips:

  • All the medals are more likely to drop when people are *in party with other players*, the more the merrier!
  • There is also an extra bonus chance when you are in a *Party Matching room*.
  • There is a drop penalty if the monster you are killing is *9 levels diff* or more.