We will launch the 1st season of the Reborn PVP Tournament, an event that will occur 4 times per year (February, May, August and November).

This season will be streamed in live in multiple languages:
English: https://www.twitch.tv/poissie
Spanish: https://www.twitch.tv/norekien
Russian: https://www.twitch.tv/flagnisya

Participants can sign up during the 1st week of the month, the event run during the other 3 weeks.

All parties will fight eleminatory matches and climb on each win till the final match. Only 1 party can win.

The event will be run in the **Test Server** all players will have access to a character, gears, and all resources needed to participate in a same condition fight.

How to sign up for the event?

You need:

– To be 9 players with at least a lvl 40 main character in Reborn.
– The party leader has to send a DM to @CM Nikita#3903 with the party setup (including classes, it won’t be public until registration finishes to keep strategies in private). that will participate in the event. (the character name of the 9 persons that will participate).


– The registration period starts today and finish on Friday 5th February.
– On Sunday 7th we will make a draw and announce which will be the combats (against who each party will fight).
– The combats will take place 2 days per week in the evening, the days may be different each week to avoid to be the same day than Antharas/Valakas. The days will be announced weekly on Sundays.
– The combats will usually start at 19:00 UTC (we will try to fix the schedule to suit witht the participants, some days we can do it a bit earlier and others a bit later, everything between 18:00 and 22:00 it’s doable).


(We may update in the next 2-3 days)

– Max 1 tank per party
– Max 3 healers per party (Bishop, Elven elder, Shilien elder)
– Max 2 times same class per party
– Participanst must use same setup for all the season
– If some player is not online for the fight you can use other person as a replacement for that character
– 2 out of 3 wins are necesary to promote to the next stage (it means you will fight up to 3 consecutive times with the same enemie party and the first to have 2 wins will promote).
– Nobless skills are available
– Resurection skills are available
– Salvation skills are FORBIDDEN
– You can buy and use as many items (different weapons or sets) available in the stop

Items, buffs and misc:

An NPC with items will be available for the players so they can buy the items they want for the event, set dyes, etc..

– All Characters will be lvl 79 and Nobless
– Skills won’t be enchant and no BOGs will be available
– a GMshop with items from C grade to S grade will be available (conversion weapons, rsk haste weapons, etc..)
– All available items will be enchanted +3, duals will be +4
– Self buff event (no npc buffer, just the buffs from your party).
– Dyes will be available in shop and npc to put and remove them
– 10 CP potions, 10 greater healing potions, 10 acumen/haste/ww potions. (not elixirs)
– Scrolls of Resurrection are NOT allowed

Additional information:

– Comabats will be done in the coliseum
– Each team will have 10 minutes to prepare before each combat. (for shopping, setting dyes…)
– Once this 10 minutes finish, they will be place inside the coliseum arena and fully healed
– Once in the arena they will have 60 seconds before the match start. (pre frenzy and other activities are allowed during this time, but after those 60s).
– All combats start from a ranged position.
– 24 buff slots will be available
– Blessed spiritshots can be used, shoulshots too.
– All members of same party will belong to a clan, so mass ress and other alliance skills will work


The winner party will earn 20 ingame credits voucher per member, exclusive cosmetic Nobless Oblige (not available in shop) and Exclusive Titlte color (golden) “Reborn MVP” and a L2 Reborn T-shirt customized with the CP and Player name.

The winners will hold the Title and Cosmetic unless there is a new winner in the next season (it means if in season 2 the winner is another party, the title and cosmetic will be taken and given to new winners).


This is the list of participants for the Reborn PVP Tournament Season 1.

The setups cannot be changed, and the nickname – clase must match during the whole event. There is no problem if you replace the person behind the character in case that someone cannot come to the fight certain day but the Character name and the class cannot be changed.


Bagudim – Sword Muse
Bagual – Spectral Dancer
KadmuZ – Eva’s Saint
Cadis – Cardinal
Simpson – Dominator
HTR – Archmage
MuLT – Mystic Muse
iSoulReaver – Soultaker
NickB1tches – Storm Screamer


– Sizoo – Soultaker
– Deadzz – Mystic Muse
– Rai – Mystic Muse
– Leviathan – Spectral Dancer
– Teekay – Sword Muse
– Musulmon – Dominator
– Melcai – Cardinal
– Llitus – Eva’s Saint
– Queldroma – Hierophant


Grand Sezar –  Eva’s Saint
D3lly –  Eva’s Saint
Veyshell – Hell Knight
Doomania – Cardinal
Edito – Hierophant
Stormfang – Elemental Master
igi – Spectral Dancer
ody – Sword Muse
Pacsey – Dominator

TeamFight CP

Angelo – Spectral Dancer
Berlock – Saggitarius
MorganSmith – Adventurer
Sexyoshi – Sword Muse
220voltz – Cardinal
TaayLee – Doomcryer
Dajix – Moonlight Sentinel
MFR – Cardinal
lkabral – Saggitarius


WIN – Sword Muse
Serminal – Spectral Dancer
Eluvia – Cardinal
Piticao – Dominator
Lavazza – Mystic Muse
kaganpwnz – Soultaker
Quiz – Storm Screamer
izolde – Eva’s Saint
Kusa – Hierophant

AwR Team

Hisnuk – Soultaker
LittleTits – Mystic Muse
sat1n – Archmage
Asuran – Dominator
STU – Spectral Dancer
Anoku – Sword Muse
nezajac – Cardinal
BlackMighty – Eva’s Saint
Labaz – Elemental Master

Syndrome CP

Ohum – Cardinal
eO – Hierophant
RusoTurista – Dominator
TaGa – Soultaker
Frankly – Storm Screamer
Carlina – Sword Muse
Myfirstwife – Spectral Dancer
Rafaellmeira – Storm Screamer
Zirael – Eva’s Saint

Usefull CP

Meredian – Sword Muse
uglyboy – Spectral Dancer
Neijin – Doomcryer
Modis – Arcana Lord
Toya – Cardinal
malersan – Eva’s Saint
Jum – Adventurer
Kupidon – Saggitarius
iRegina – Saggitarius

Ultralisk CP

Ultralisk – Duelist
Heisei – Tryant
DavianPain – Adventurer
iMonte – Titan
Zumma – Spectral Dancer
snowgaze – Sword Muse
PKB – Eva’s Saint
Apocalips – Cardinal
DeadJasper – Dominator

Konus Team

FromRuWithLove – Cardinal
V1Ga – Cardinal
Nestabilnyi – Doomcryer
Awgustina – Spectral Dancer
Murbella – Sword Muse
Iridium – Arcana Lord
Tighteyez – Saggitarius
Tomson – Saggitarius
Lark – Ghost Sentinel

IsForce CP

Sorcerer – Memory
Spellsinger – daBeast
Necro – Idan
Spellsinger – Dweller
Bishop – Caju
Elven Elder – Doug
Overlord – couT
BD – Mellany
SWS – Tankard

Dragonborn CP

Miari – Sword Muse
Infiniti – Spectral Dancer
Yoruno – Doomcryer
buffmania – Arcana Lord
larymancer – Cardinal
trubi – Elven Elder
sigmarius – Saggitarius
illuxio – Saggitarius
ileonidas – Ghost Sentinel

Hokage way CP

Svinomatka – Mystic Muse
ananasas -Mystic Muse
DrKaHu6aJI -Soultaker
Lauretta – Cardinal
XaIIo4ka – Eva’s Saint
MarcoVka – Spectral Dancer
Festull – Sword Muse
Zashumitsu – Overlord
Hellrise – Cardinal


Hello !

The brakets for the PVP Tournament are ready and the schedule for this week too.

On this First season we will use a single elimination braket system. After watching at the interest of other teams to participate in “the next season” we have decided to start developing the 9v9 combat system for the test server so the next seasons will be full automatized and will use a more complex elimination/point system.

This week schedule: ALL TIME ARE UTC TIME (SERVER TIME): https://time.is/es/UTC


17:00 – 17:40: AwR Team vs Syndrome CP
17:50 – 18:30: HokagewWay CP vs IsForce CP
18:40 – 19:20: Skynet CP vs Pokemon CP
19:30 – 20:10: Konus CP vs DragonBorn CP
20:20 – 21:00: Manifesto CP vs Usefull CP


19:40 Ultralisk CP vs AwR
20:00 Konus vs IsForce

(All participants will recieve an account ID and Password tomorrow that will be the account that can be used for the tournament).

UPDATED 23/02/2021: First Round Results

Hello everyone!

After the first round of Epic battles, these are the results:

The schedule for the next matches will be announced shortly, stay tuned!

Good Luck & Have Fun!


Greatness and glory for our PVP Champions Manifesto CP!

I would like to say that I appreciate a lot the participation of every team on this First Season of Reborn PVP Event. I saw every team putting much effort on it and playing amazing pvps, you are all great Lineage 2 Players and we are very proud of having such a good players in our community.

Thanks for your time participating on this event, we hope you had fun. With this event we have spotted some bugs related to Mana burn, some debuffs and pvp mechanic that will help us to fix them in the main server and will improve it for every player on L2 Reborn.

We have also learnt a lot about this kind of events and thanks to your feedback we can improve for the next one (adjust some rules and item usage).

We would like ask everyone to respect the rest of the participants, we got some issues during the event (salvation usage, resurrection scrolls usage)… and we all know that those things should be improved in the next one.

To show up in public and participate in a PVP event being watched by all the server requires Bravery! We expect respect to all participants regardless of the result and we encourage you to participate in the next season as well!

We will give 5 credits for all participantes of this event as appreciation for their time and the useful feedback that will help L2 Reborn staff to improve the server and the event itself in future seasons.

Congratulations to our winners one more time!

Best regards @everyone