Grim Collector

Grim Collector

Description: During the talk about the ruins, Guard Curtis speaks of some good work and introduces Samed. Visit Samed and tell about Curtis, and you shall get an errand.

 Level 15
 Start Location Gludio Castle Town
 Start Npc Guard Curtis
 Races All
 Classes All
 Repeatable Yes (Solo)
 Reward 10 Adena to 2000 Adena

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Guard Curtiz at the south exit of Gludio Town.
2. Talk to Samed, behind the round building just inside and west of the south exit of Gludio. He will give you an Anatomy Diagram.
3. Hunt skeletons to collect Skull1(50a), Rib Bone1(15a), Arm Bone1(10a), Spine1(10a), Thigh Bone1(10a); hunt zombies to collect Zombie Head1(30a), Zombie Heart1(20a), and Zombie Liver1(20a). You can do this in 2 areas:
– Ruins of Dispair, due south of Gludio. The ruins sprawl beyond the inner walled area so explore the outer areas. Shield Skeletons (lvl 15 passive) and Skeleton Infantry (lvl 16 passive) – skulls and arms will be rare. Zombie Soldiers (lvl 19 passive) and Zombie Warrior (lvl 22 aggressive).
– Ruins of Sorrow (a.k.a. Grim Ruins), west of Gludio until you can take the north fork in the road. Go to the area west of the walled ruins. Just ignore the Bugbears, and avoid the Spartoi they are very strong. Tracker Skeletons (lvl 17 passive), Tracker Skeleton Leaders (lvl 18 aggressive), Scout Skeleton (lvl 19 passive), and Sniper Skeletons (lvl 20 passive) – skulls still rare. Ruin Zombies (lvl 15 passive) and Ruin Zombie Leader (lvl 16 passive).
4. Bring all the skeleton parts to Varsek, who is just inside the east exit of Gludio. He takes each set of 5 skeleton parts and tries (80%) to assemble a Complete Skeleton. Repeat for each set of parts you have.
5. Return all the completed skeletons to Samed, turn in the spare parts when you get a pile and dont have alot of spare skulls and arms.

You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of parts at any time

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