Manual Download Links

If you have any problems using the updater, you can manually download and apply all the patches to configure the game as you prefer.

Standard Interlude Interface 

L2Reborn Interface 

Classic Interface 

Language Packs





Custom Settings

PvP Mode: Recommended to enable during sieges, epics and any other big pvp events as it helps to increase the performance/fps. It will disable OL animations, and Soulshot/Spiritshot animations.

Enable PvP Mode
Disable PvP Mode

Display Drop/Spoil data: Download this patch if want to see the description of the drops and spoil that gives each mob within the game, while targeting them.

Display Drop/Spoil Data
Hide Drop/Spoil Data

System System Messages: Use the colourful one if you like to have highlighted messages in different colours.

Colourful System Messages
Standard System Messages

Decrease Background Performance: Useful for people that are often alt-tabbing, to have a smoother switch back and forth to the game.

Enable Decrease Background Performance
Disable Decrease Background Performance

Display Skill Cooldown Percentage:

Enable Display Skill Cooldown Percentage
Disable Display Skill Cooldown Percentage

Engine.ddl: In some isolated cases the game does not start on Windows 10 operating system. If you are experiencing issues opening the game and use windows 10, you can give it a go.

Windows 10 Engine.dll
Standard Engine.dll

Assigned RAM: The 4gb options allow the l2.exe process to use up to 4GB instead of 2GB. Performance impact is not really high as per our tests and also worths mentioning that the 4GB exe file may be tagged as virus by your antivirus and the file deleted. Anyway, if you pc has good specs we would to try it.

L2.exe 4GB
Standard L2.exe