Open Ticket

Provide the following information

• For any ticket:
– Account Names
– Character Names

•  If it is about a donation:
– Payment method Paypal/Creditcard
– Email used for the payment
– Time and Date of the payment
– Full Details of the donation. Ie. I purchased Bounty Hunter quest items for character Bob

•  If it’s about twitch
– Twitch username and schedule

•  If it’s about requesting a License to play under the same ip
– Do you agree with the Licensed Player rule
– Provide list of accounts/logins that request shared access


Tickets that do not include all the necessary information may be closed without further notice.

When will you reply to my ticket?

As soon as possible. Please, let us do our work. Asking about ticket updates will move your ticket to the back on the queue.
Players opening multiple tickets for the same matter will be sanctioned.
Players pestering GMs on Discord/forum/in-game about status of tickets created less than 48h ago will be sanctioned.


Claims about banned accounts must be done in forum:


To report a suspicious player for bot or dualbox use the ingame commands .botreport or .dualboxreport. You can report up to 3 players per day. We will investigate all reports manually, with your help we can keep the server clean.