We are listening

Hi guys,

First of all, we would like to thank you all for playing here. This server wouldn’t exist without you.
Honestly, this has far exceeded the most optimistic expectations we could have ever imagined, and the stats that we are achieving are just unreal.
We couldn’t be more happy and more excited, but we also couldn’t be more overwhelmed, looking at the speed we are growing.

Hopefully, this means that, despite the mistakes that we’ve made, we are also doing something right, otherwise we wouldn’t have grown that much, and continue growing daily.

Our goal is, and will always be, to have the best Interlude server that we can make, free to play, without bots, boxes, lag, or bugs.

There is a long way to get us there, we are nowhere near, but there is no rush, we will get there, the L2 community deserves it. We have been waiting for it for over a decade, so we can wait a bit more 🙂

One thing that we felt that we may have been missing is proactively getting more feedback from you, and that’s why we would like to start providing a better way of getting feedback and react based on it.
We would like to know what are the things that are causing you more trouble, what would you like us to work on, what would you like us to improve, etc.

Obviously we cannot do everything you want, as many of you ask for contradictory things, non retail stuff, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a saying here.

Let’s start with a quick survey, telk us what you would like us to work on, if you don’t find the option you are looking for, add a comment and if enough comments are made we will add it as an option.

To clarify, the goal here is not that everyone votes to get fixed his own character/skills/etc., We will continue working on that also, but it’s time to give you some voice and power to decide what do you want as collective, and we will try our best to follow your feedback.

Of course, in an ideal world we would fix everything on that list and server would work perfectly, but you have to understand that we have the resources that we have (1 and a half developers and will have full time jobs and lifes) and we are doing everything we can already.

Our intention is to fix everything, but this is a long term project and things will take time, it will eventually happen. Having said that, we are giving you the opportunity to decide what do we fix first, so use it wisely 😊.

If this gets a positive response from the community, we will try to do more stuff like this, perhaps monthly surveys, and we will give you more and more power, but if people don’t bother participating we will carry on settling priorities at our own criteria, don’t complain later!

Thanks for playing on L2Reborn!

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