Recommendation System

Recommendation System

In order to encourage the growth of server’s population, we are implementing a reward system for player’s referrals. The initial version will be very basic, but we will improve it overtime. The idea is that when you send (recommend) a new player to join our server, we will keep track of who recommended him, and both, the referred and the referral will be rewarded.

The new player that joins the server will get a symbolic “welcome pack” consisting of:

  • a few soes
  • a few healing potions
  • a wind walk scroll (1 hour duration, non tradable)
  • vip for 12 hours.
  • a very unlikely, but real chance, of getting a cosmetic item

The “referrer” player will accumulate these recommendations and, in case he does not need a reward when he unlocks it, he can freely assign it to another Character.

The “referrer” player will have a list of rewards that will be unlocked as the referred players through the recommendation cross certain barriers (level 20 and level 40 specifically). Remember, this system is in an early stage, and we may change this list at any point at our own discretion. The goals isn’t that you become rich recommending a few friends, but rather incentivise that the community tries to bring acquaintances, friends or simply followers on social networks or channels. The reward shouldn’t be anything extraordinary enough to generate a remarkable or decisive advantage (we expect feedback from the community, thank you!), but rather a token of appreciation for your contribution.

Reward Requirements
1st class quest item 5 new players reach lvl > 20+
Custom Title in Yellow (Exclusive color) 10 new players reach lvl > 20+
200 Recommendations (not permanent) 25 new players reach lvl > 20+
2nd Class quest items 50 new players reach lvl > 20+
Cosmetic Item 75 new players reach lvl > 20+
200 Recommendations (not permanent) 5 new players reach lvl > 40+
2nd Class quest items 10 new players reach lvl > 40+
Cosmetic Item 25 new players reach lvl > 40+
Custom Title in Orange (Exclusive color) 50 new players reach lvl > 40+
Any Donation Package 75 new players reach lvl > 40+

If you would like to join our referral program, all you need to do is:

When recommending potential new players to join our server, give them this link (replacing YOURPLAYERNAME by your actual player name)

Example: If your character name is “GMPower”, then the url should be:
With above example, when a new player registers in our server and starts playeing, when he reaches lvl 20, character GMPower will receive 1 point, and so on.

To make sure your link works properly, open it on a private browser and then click on Register, you should see that the registration form has a new field named Source/Referral and it is auto-populated with your player name, as such:

Thank you for helping us to spread the word!

Check your current referred players: